Multiple Photo Layouts

I recently did these layouts of my kids. As you can see I've used multiple photos. I think this is a great way to save on your scrapbooking. Let's face it if I did one layout per photo I'd use alot more supplies than I have here. I love to use multiple photos whenever I can. I really only do a single photo per layout when I'm wanting to produce something of the same artistic value as the layouts featured in the magazines. I also tend to resize alot of the pictures on a common theme and print them on one single photo. (See example) I then cut these out later, and use them on my layouts. This is especially useful if you're scrapping an event such as a wedding or birthday party. This montage of photo's is from my son's birthday and was printed on a standard 5' x 7' photo.

This evening I found a great blog which shows lots of examples of multiple photo layouts. So if you're wanting to try this technique, or just looking for new inspiration go to:


Anonymous said…
One of my favourite pages that I have done of my son is whre I have used three photos that I took with him alongside the same object. It is a really simple page but really effective I think. I was also really cheap as the stickers cost $1 and then I had some blue tissue paper that I place behind some of the pictures (this was free as it wrapped a gift).
Anonymous said…
I find that multi photo layouts say so much more about what happened. I'm with you when it comes to single photo layouts as they are best when you have that one "special" photo that you print up nice and big and make an arty statement with it.

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