Free Scrapbooking Auction Listings and Classifieds

I recently discovered a site called The Scrap Spot, through their posting of video's on You Tube. If you have the time to scroll through the many pages of videos that come up under the keyword "scrapbooking", I highly recommend viewing the posts by: Tammy of The Scrap Spot (I'd post the link but they won't allow it... so you'll have to go fishing guys, sorry). Anyway these tutorials are great content! Tammy steps you through several "how to" videos and if you go to their website: you can read several great tutorials. I was unable to find their video's on the site but the tutorials are also excellent. Now there is something else you'll find at this site which I as a Scrap Miser found to be an excellent idea and that's their free scrapbooking auction listings and classifieds. You can also swap supplies and tools here with other scrapbookers. This is a fantastic way to use up all those extra's you get in a kit or when you're buying in bulk!