Digital Scrapbooking with Beach Fonts

I have to admit I've been somewhat reluctant to try digital scrapbooking. My main problem has been getting started. Intellectually I know that I will save alot of money if I digitally scrap because any resource I buy such as fonts or paper or die cuts etc etc can be used over and over again rather than just the one off use of a paper product. I'm also attracted by the idea that I can resize the photo's within the layout as I often resize my photo's and get a couple of pictures printed on the one photo just so I can get a variety of sizes on a layout. But emotionally I've loved making my layouts with my hands. I'm also not sure how to cope with the printing out of the finished layout. But all in all I think digital scrapbooking is the way to go. The advantages far outway the negatives. Affordability of the products and multiple use of each purchase are very attractive as is the low storage space factor.

Last night I stumbled across this creative delights newsletter and I absolutely have to have these holiday fonts. Check them out at:

I'm even now desperate for a Hawaiian holiday just so I can use the Hawaii prints. I also love the fact that all the die cuts and alphabets are on a transparent background.

I have to admit this is going to take me longer than usual to implement though as I will first need a computer just for me... sharing a computer with my hubby means I don't get to use it much. In fact elbowing him out of the way for my daily blog isn't always achieved (as you'll notice by the dates of my blogs) plus this computer doesn't have the memory to cope with any new programs or files.... So I'll have to buy a new laptop... darn! lol (I've actually been searching for a good reason for me to get my own computer for months now.

But for the scrapbooker looking to save money on layouts I think digital scrapbooking is definitely the way to go


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