First Day of School

I DIDT IT! I took my son to his first day of school and I didn't cry. He was pretty excited about going so I wasn't too worried about him... It was more me! My daughter (head in bottom right of shot) wanted to go to school too! Problem is she has 3 more years before she can go.

He did get a little overwhelmed just before we went which was our fault for arriving too soon.... We were there too long and he wasn't happy about us going but we managed the first day without any tears from anyone... whew!

Now the fun part I get to scrapbook the photos'. The only thing I'm bummed about is the colour of his uniform. I'm not a big fan of this shade of green..... And I've got 7 years of this uniform to scrapbook..... Yikes! Any hints or tips from anyone reading this blog would be greatly appreciated!... Even links to gallery examples? PLEASE....... pretty please..... I'll be your friend? lol


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