Can't afford a heat gun?

O.K. I've been doing more stamping. Especially seeing as how wonderful scrubbie (scrap hubby.... see the first funny video I posted below for more information on this topic... lol), Anyway my wonderful scrubbie got me a set of inks and stamps for Christmas. So I've been stamping away since christmas and have now started using embossing powder... but.... you really need a heat gun to make embossing powder work.

I tried using my hairdryer and all it did was blow the embossing powder right off... Then I tried using the toaster, but that didn't work at all.... So getting a little desperate by now as it was late at night and none of the stores were open to sell me a heat gun... I stumbled upon the perfect way to heat my embossing powder.... You'll never guess.... My hair straightener! Yep that's right my hair straightener. Now my hair straightener came from one of the discount chains and cost me $25.00, it has ceramic plates and a heat dial (a great buy in its own right). But an even more miserly purchase now when you discover it has two functions. 1. To try taming my rediculous hair (yes I have issues with my hair, stupid hairdresser, cut it too short in one spot..... anyway I digress) and 2. As an embossing powder melter (aka heat gun replacement).

So by placing the paper onto the bottom plate and nearly (I SAID NEARLY... NOT COMPLETELY!) closing the top plate I create a very hot environment and the embossing powder works! The only problem I found was it will warp a thin paper... but I don't care because by finding a multiple use for a household item I have effectively saved myself $50.00.

Viva la Miser! (Sorry got a little carried away with myself there) But you get what I mean... A little ingenuity goes a long way.