Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas ...: First Day of School

I have had some wonderful suggestions on the forum regarding my request for help. Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas ...: First Day of School I asked for help on colour schemes, patterned papers and layout ideas. Because I will have so many photos to scrapbook over the next 7 years and I dislike the shade of green of my sons' uniform so much I really needed some guidance here. A few really good suggestions have been to use Green & two other primary colours, Print the photo's in black and white or a monochramatic green layout and finally a neutral toned layout. My absolutely favourite suggestion received to date was to cover the entire photo in vellum and tear out the vellum from around his face so just his face pokes through..... It has also been suggested that it would be a good idea to grab several sheets of any paper I see that does co-ordinate well as it will be difficult getting more of this paper in 7 years time. So now I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed at the prospect ahead of me.

Thanks to all those whose suggestions I received.