A camping we will go

A camping we will go, high ho the dairy o, a camping we will go. Record downfalls we will bring. Record downfalls we will bring. Hi ho the dairy o, a camping we will go. (You need to sing this)

Well I won't be posting for a few days as we're going camping. The funny thing is whenever I even contemplate camping it rains. Now at the moment this is a good thing as South East Queensland (where i live) is in drought. The dams that supply our city water supplies are at record lows and rain is needed badly. Which is why despite the rain we're going anyway..... Only way I know to keep the rain coming.

I also seem to have this freakish effect on the weather whenever I leave my washing out overnight. Bam! It rains. I have contacted the local water board and offered to go do my washing out near the dam, if they'll pay me of course. But they're treating me very strangely so I don't think they're desperate enough yet. lol

Anyway I'll be back in a couple of days (my estimate is actually one day as I don't think my husband will like being crammed in a tent with two small bored children and I'm sure there is a leak in the airbed so my back isn't going to cope with sleeping on the ground) with (hopefully) some great holiday photo's to show y'all.