My Scrap Space

Well I have finally organised everything and taken some photos....

So here it is..

My Scrap Space.

As you can see I have used a sewing table. The middle section where the sewing machine usually goes is left in a partially down position and acts as a storage shelf for my paper trimmer and the shelf for the light. So effectively the entire table top becomes a light box for embossing etc.

The thing I love about working in this space is the sections of the table top. This gives me three work areas. I have a space for my layout and then a workspace for cutting paper and a workspace for painting or stamping etc. When I'm not using the light I place a self healing cutting mat over this section. The other great thing about this table is the storage space. The draws are a perfect size for holding my supplies and the top draw comes already divided into handy compartments. Also the compartments in the door are handy and enable me to keep all my tools within easy reach.

I wouldn't suggest buying a sewing table brand new for this purpose as it would be a bit expensive but if you inherit one like I did or can buy one secondhand on ebay then definitely go for it!


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