Notebook of Ideas

I recently purchased a notebook that has changed my scrapbooking. It's just an ordinary notebook. The great thing for me is that it is divided into sections so I can easily organise all the areas of my scrapbooking.

I take it everywhere with me and use is to make a note or sketch of any layout I see in a shop that I like.... or I jot down blogs and websites I want to check out... even posts I want to do on my blog. I even use it for poems and sayings that I encounter and even to jot down the cute things the kids say.

I especially love the sketches of layouts because by sketching a layout I am breaking it down to its raw elements and not just copying someone else's work... this allows me to alter the layout and give it my own flair as I'm not swayed by the colour scheme or papers used by the original artist.

I have also found it great when shopping and I've saved myself quite a bit of money because of my 'notebook'. I often keep a list of products I want and their price, I am then able to accurately compare when I'm shopping somewhere else.


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