New Year, Purge 'Baby'

I hope everyone had a great new year. My hubby and I took the kids down the beach last night and watched the fireworks put on by our local council. This was a momentus occaision for my daughter as she managed to watch the fireworks without getting freaked out. She's usually afraid of loud noises (a recent fire truck arrival at our place to free her trapped brother from a car had her running screaming down the yard). So her acceptance of the many loud bangs associated with the fireworks was wonderful. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera.

How could I possibly let this happen? Well last night I was authoring my blog before we went out. This took considerably longer than usual as strange things were happening when I tried to save it... Consequently I was running late getting ready and didn't take blankets or my camera. So not only do I not have any photos to share with you, but we were also a little chilly, as the breeze off the water was a bit frisky last night.

Then on waking this morning I was gripped by a strong desire to tidy and organise etc etc. Luckily for me hubby just went along with it and we purged alot of excess stuff from our lives today. I love a neat tidy space, unfortunately my kids and husband aren't adequately trained on this front yet.

So my new year has commenced a little more uncluttered than before. A state of being I highly recommend. And not just because Feng Shui experts recommend it but because it's easier to find the things you do need.

I highly recommend regularly re-organising your scrapbooking supplies. For a few reasons. The first is so you'll get maximum use out of your storage space (this is especially important if you have a small space like me). Secondly because you will have a clearer picture of what you actually own and lastly because a tidy space is easier to find things in than a messy one.


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