How to tackle that mountain of photos?

I know alot of people feel overwhelmed by the back log of photo's they have to scrap and I used to feel that way too, but now I've hit upon a recipe that works really well for me.

I try to get at least one layout a week done, but for you it might be one a day or one a month. What I do is divide my scrapping into three categories, OLD (catch up), NEW (most fun) and finally RETOUCH. I'll explain these, don't worry.

So I allow myself to tackle as many OLD projects or catch up ones as I like! This could be photo's of my son as a baby or my wedding, or the album of me or more pages for in my mum's album. These all need to be done so if I feel like doing only old photo's for any period of time I DO!

Then I'll concentrate on doing at least one NEW project layout for the month. These are the ones I have the most fun with because my photography style (and that of my scrubbie) has evolved somewhat into more of a story telling than the snapshots it used to be. These are the photos where I'm planning the layout as I take the photos, so they're definitely the most fun. In alot of cases I've dressed the kids to match papers I have...

And finally my RETOUCH category, I keep these projects aside for when I don't have alot of time to dedicate to my scrapbooking but really want to sit down and do something. This is when I go back over old layouts and add to them to improve the look of the layout. I know alot of designers say you shouldn't do this as it showcases how your styles change. But for me my scrapbooks are a gift to my grandchildren and great grandchildren so I want them to be as beautiful as I can.

To keep the inspiration flowing I recommend not scrapping chronologically. I know you should organise the photos in that manner, but I tend to jump around all over the place (chronologically speaking). By picking out photos that stir my creative juices I can stay excited about my scrapbooking and less like its a chore I have to complete.

They say "She who dies with all her scrapbooks completed lives on forever" at this rate I'll never get there!