Why Scrapbook?

OMG I was actually asked this the other day. ... Why Scrapbook? I have a girlfriend who hasn't been bitten by the scrap bug and probably never will. She's not interested in having a creative outlet. But despite this I was surprised when she asked me this question. I guess alot of potential scrappers are out there asking this question and the simple answer is 'Don't"...... unless...... you have a desire to leave something for your children and grandchildren and great great grandchildren (if you've used Acid and Lignin Free products of course). I think for me this desire to set up a dialogue with my decendants began as I scrapbooked my mum's life and there were so many things I didn't know and would never know about her. I loved doing my mum's life because the journey of discovering who she was before she was my mum and how badly she wanted to be a mum brought me closer to her. But also to her friends, as they were the only ones available for me to ask questions of. The next project I finished was a scrapbook of my life..... just in case! If anything happens to me my children will have a place to go to find out answers. So if you want to preserve memories or leave behind a personal account of your life for your decendants or if you want to record those little moments when you're child looks up at you and says something priceless, then this is the craft for you! You don't even need to be very crafty. Just remember that at the end of the day the most important things are the photo's and the journalling. Even if all you do is stick some photos down on a piece of cardstock and write the story or memory next to them, you've scrapbooked! But most of all enjoy!
(Image from my merchandise)