My New Years Resolution - Challenge Myself on my layouts

In my search for new years' resolutions I thought I'd stick to I decided to challenge myself more on my layouts. Usually I will pick one patterned paper and two plains. I only ever use two patterns if they're by the same manufacturer and meant to go together. So this year I gave some photos' for a layout to my girlfriend, whom I've known since the fourth grade (1979 I believe) and my paper stash and I had her pick the paper and then give me a layout to follow... So here are my finished layouts.... On the Pink, Blue and Green one I did wimp out a bit. I was given the stripey paper and a pink diamond paper and as you can see I wimped out. I did push myself to use another patterned paper though... it was a green patterned paper that looked like water.... All in all I think I pushed my limits a bit here and I'm pleased with the overall finished product.
I'm usually so safe with my colour schemes and mixing patterns so this exercise for me has been about pushing my co-ordinating skills more. Trying new things. ... We'll see what comes of it anyway..