Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas ...: My Scrap Space

My sewing table idea has been working really well for keeping my supplies safe (because it all folds up and locks) from my two year old but not having my table open all the time has definitely affected my productivity. Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas ...: My Scrap Space I'm just not getting many layouts done! I was getting a few layouts done a week on my old table because it was always available.

I'm going to try leaving the table open and ready to use and see if I can train my two year old to leave everything alone..... Oh who am I kidding she loves stickers and stamps too much to ever do that...

Aaaah a scrapbooker in the making... How proud am I? Both my five year old son and my 2 and a half year old daughter love scrapbooking with me. It's fun!


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