We're on TV!

For all those readers of my blog who are located in the Brisbane region of Australia tune in to Brisbane Extra (Channel 9) this afternoon at 5:30pm to see a story my DH, DD, DS and I filmed for them a few days ago.

If you're not in the area and therefore unable to get the program you can view it online after the show at http://www.extraonline.com.au/. It usually takes a day to get the story online under the "latest story" category.

The story is about the Lions Auties and Uncles Program. This is a fabulous program run by the Lions clubs. The program is designed to help families. They match needy children up with an Aunty or Uncle figure who they can see regularly and learn from and generally absorb into their family unit. All of the Aunties and Uncles volunteer for the program and are not paid. Though they are checked out carefully! We have applied because as many of you know we don't have any grandma's for my kids. We do have two grandpas'. One of those lives close by but isn't very warm and fuzzy and the other lives around an hour a way and we don't see him very often. (Probably once every 8 weeks or so). So there is a definite need in the kids lives.

I was prompted to take some action and find my kids a grandma because recenlty my son's teacher was telling us how well he's doing at school and the response we got to sharing this news was less than enthusiastic to say the least. No one seemed to care very much. I was so proud! And really missed how my mum and my husband's mum would of made a big deal of his accomplishment. They'd have praised him and would of in turn told anyone who would stand still long enough to listen about how smart their grandson is. You know the role a grandma has in being proud of her grandchildren really helps them build a sense of pride in their achievements too!

Anyway, I was really disappointed by the response of family and the general apathy my kids are treated with. At that point my husband and I talked about moving interstate to live close to my aunties who would love them and be proud of them and generally enjoy them. The problem with this was that we would lose our income (this would be very difficult for us to replace there), lose the support network of my friends and have to move my sons' schooling. (This was the thing I was least excited about as he has a fabulous teacher and a great school).

So how could I give them the advantages of such a move without the disadvantages? My husband and I had frequently spoken about how we needed to adopt a new nana for the kids and I figured I'd give it a try.

So I sent an email to "Brisbane Extra" (a local tv program) with the ad I would run if we were to advertise for a nana. And luckily for me they contacted me and explained the lions program and have given us the contact details to apply for the program.

On Monday the crew from extra came out to film us for the story and after they left my daughter was most indignant..... "Mummy where's our new nana?"..... lol. She thought the film crew were bringing us the new nana, wrapped in a bow or something I guess.

I asked the children what they thought of us doing this before I took any action and the response we got from them was really enthusiastic. We hope that the kids can have the positive love and input of a 'nana' figure and I'm sure that she in turn will fall in love with the kids. I know I'm biased but I think they're pretty darn cute!

So keep your fingers crossed for us... After today's show I'm hoping we'll be inundated with potential nana's.


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the Grandma finding, and I think it is GREAT that your son is doing well in school (you never told me!!).
The Scrap Miser said…
We had a great response to the show. We now have six potential nana's and one potential grandma/grandpa team to interview. I'll keep you posted on the outcome!

Thanks for the support guys it means alot!

Also anyone interested in volunteering for such a rewarding activity should approach the Lions Aunties & Uncles Program.