Guest Blog Post - Saving Money on Stickers!

Today I have a treat for you. My sister-in-law has moved back here from the States and below you'll see a post I asked her to author for me. Anne had a great idea and I thought it best if she explained it so I'd like to introduce you to Anne:

Make Your Own Stickers
Saving money on STICKERS!!

Although using this method doesn’t save you a mountain of money, it does get you the look that you want at the right price without ending up with that enormous box of bits and pieces of alphabet stickers that you now don’t know what to do with as all the vowels are missing. I KNOW you all have one of these.

What I did was buy a packet of Avery clear labels from Office Depot, you can get them for laser or ink jet printers (make sure you get the right one or it could get very messy).

Then just Google whatever you want to have a sticker of, whether it be a picture or object. I just use Google Images and type in whatever I am looking for. (Make sure you don't infringe copyright here. Only use free images). In this example I searched for ‘toes’.

I created a word document with the picture and phrases on it that I wanted to have on my page. I printed it up on a blank piece of paper, cut it out and laid it out on my page to make sure that I had the correct size font and foot print size and then when I thought I had it right I printed it up onto the label. I have used approximately half a label here and so I should be able to use the other half at another time.

The sticker wording on this page and the big foot print cost me $1 as a packet of 25 clear A4 labels cost $48 which works out at $1.90 per page, but as I used a little over half that is only $1. Imagine how much I would have paid if I had bought lettering to write this out, and don’t you just HATE it when you work out what you want to say but you don’t have enough of the letter ‘a’.!!!

Here is an example of what you can do with your own printed clear stickers. But don’t be inhibited, you can print in colour, I just happen to have chosen to use only black.

Overall, this double page layout cost me approx $1.50.


Anne P.