Family Layout

During the school holidays it is sometimes nearly impossible to find time to scrapbook. But luckily for me my best scrapbuddy and I carved out some personal time this week. We set up the jumping castle (from my daughter's birthday), set out food and drink and let the kids go wild. Between the swings, jumping castle, trampoline, poly pocket and xbox the kids were happily engrossed for 4 hours of quality scrapbooking time!

My scrapbuddy got an amazing three pages done but I only completed this one!
This was a professional photo we had taken at my daughters childcare centre last year and seeing as how it is nearly time for another photo I thought I'd better hurry up and get this one scrapped!
I'm going through a bit of an artistic phase with my layouts at the moment. I'm trying harder to produce layouts I love. And it's working if you asked me right now for my favourite layout I couldn't possibly narrow it down! I'd have to give you my favourite four layouts. Maybe five I'm about to do another photo from this photo shoot....mmmm can't wait!
It does take longer to treat each layout as an artistic expression but for now I'm enjoying it. I probably should do some power scrapping and get through a serious number of layouts in the shortest time possible but then I wouldn't like the results.