Cardstock only Layouts

After looking at the cost of a layout I'm going to challenge myself to do some cardstock only layouts (not for my wedding though). Do you think you could manage it? Well I'm not sure but I'm gonna give it a go.
But it does get a little ridiculous the costs, con't you think? So I'm going to challenge myself to do a layout using cardstock and patterned paper only! Of course not having a cricuit or sizzix or anything this will mean hand cutting my title....... painstaking... BUT I think it'll be a challenge artistically too.
These layouts were done by Deb of Toowoomba and you can see how she's used her paper and cardstock to acentuate her photo's theme.... I especially love the dolphin!
When I went to a scrapbook evening recently one of the ladies did a fabulous layout using paper piecing. She made Dora the Explorer layous and her 'dora' was fantastic. I don't think I have that much patience but punching and tearing are right up my alley.
But if you wanted to give paper piecing a try here's a link to a site with lots of free templates:

P.S. I love the Princess Castle one!

If you're clever you could also create your own patterns from the kids colouring books.
I save all the scraps of cardstock and paper from my layouts but as this is building up and up I am reconsidering this practice. I think I will now make it a rule after I finish a layout I must use the scraps to immedietly make a card. This will cut down on the "left overs" and ensure I actually make a card. I always have the best of intentions of making lots of cards but never seem to get around to it. Then only keep the plain coloured papers and cardstock for titles and accents on other layouts.


Deb D said…
Thanks for showing some of mine! I think the BABY and the Highlander layouts would be better with a bigger photo/photo mat as they are on 12x12 pages but for an 8x8 they'd be fine.
I've saved the link to the paper piecing too so TFS that one.
Anonymous said…
This has given me an idea for a challenge we have been given through the LSS I go to. Thanks for the inspiration.
Deb D said…
You'll have to show us "themrs" what you come up with. I'd love to see it.
Oops Kyra...not taking over here LOL
The Scrap Miser said…
no worries Deb ANYTIME! LOL