Well Mothers Day is Tomorrow

Hi everyone,
well tomorrow is mothers day. I hope you all have a great day with your mums or your kids or both! Lol.

We'll be having a very quiet day as DH is away at a conference this weekend. And as we're without the car and I'm not much of a walker we shan't be going far. Maybe just down to the beach for a picnic (it's only two blocks I think even I can manage that). Many years ago now BK (before kids) I went to Melbourne to see a friend of mine. Anyway I stayed with my husbands' brother while I was there and I was really shocked at what he thought walking distance was...... ESPECIALLY IN HEELS! OMG! My feet hurt after that!

So after raisin toast for breakfast and opening my presents.... I can't wait to see what DS bought me... DD spoiled the surprise by telling me he'd hid a necklace under his pillow for me! LOL! We've managed not to let him know she spoiled his surprise. And I know DD has made something she's really proud of! I think we'll go for a stroll down to the beach and the kids can have a play at the park there. Then we'll either have lunch there and stroll home again OR a picnic in the carport (if it's raining which is DD's favourite past-time lately). Then I think they can have an afternoon of DVD's so I can get some scrapbooking in.

So I hope you all have a great day!