Readers Featured Layout: Mosaic Effect

Here's another submission from Deb in Toowoomba. Deb is a creative memories consultant (or going to be soon? is that right Deb?). Here she has used a really great mosaic effect to place lots of photos on a page. I love the way this has turned out and may have to steal this idea at some point...


Deb D said…
Hi Kyra,

Yes, I joined Creative Memories recently as I love their tools so much. I also teach scrapbooking at school & some classes at home.

Can you spot the error on this page lol. There is a piece of the tree that is sideways! It has since been corrected in the album.

Just a quick tip - if you give mosiacs a go I suggest using tape (CM tape runner is good LOL)because if I'd used glue here it would've been very hard to alter.

Anonymous said…
Well done Deb it is a GREAT LO and so cost effective.