There Lived a Beautiful Princess

These are the first two pages I have completed for my wedding album. I went with the die cuts with a view Once Upon a Time 12 x 12 paper stack because I just LOVED this page!

My dress was my first miserly adventure. I purchased it second hand and paid less than they paid for the material! I still have it at home in case my daughter would like to wear it. My tiara hasn't survived being moved around and squished and such but the dress and veil are all still good. I really wanted to wear my mums dress (if she'd had one). My mum didn't really have a dress more of a coat and hat thing? So I had to go find a dress that would fit me which wasn't easy. Everything I tried on was too big! And then magic this dress fit perfectly! It was meant to be. So for $250 one embroidered raw silk dress with detachable train.

Because the paper is so beautiful and it is hidden behind the photos I used my knife to cut out elements and tuck my photos behind them. I didn't want to lose all the gorgeous background.

I used chipboard that I have coloured using the pink and gold embossing powders from the opals range and a simple little frame to highlight a smaller photo. This metal frame is one of those ones you can buy at Crazy Clarks or The Warehouse for approx $3.95.

My journaling was printed on vellum with a gold rose pattern through it. This was what I had already done so I simply re-used those. I tried to add background story for the kids and grandkids so I also included the story of how Scott proposed to me.

I have also included a string of pearls and beads. These were threaded through my hair on the day and I've saved them to keep in my album.

I'm using a K&Co Album that I was lucky enough to pick up at a cheaper store for under $20. I'm sure they had no idea what a find they had.

As I've said before this is a redo of my album as I had my first try at this a couple of years ago and frankly didn't really like it much anymore. And as it wasn't finished I could justify redoing it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this for years to come! Afterall isn't that what's important about your layouts? There are no rules! As long as you like it!


Deb D said…
Wow what a beautiful bride you made! Love all your ideas and the way the paper overlaps your pic...very, very pretty.
The Scrap Miser said…
Oh shucks.... thank you maam. Funny some days I don't feel any different to that 26yr old girl and then other days I feel positively ANCIENT! LOL!