All Boy Layout Finished

So here it is my finished layout.... I did use my bark concept for my title... I used a piece of paper bark that I found in a park and I used my chipboard letters to trace around with a black marker and then I cut out the letters. I also used a handmade paper for "all" and the "leaves". I showed this layout to a friend of mine and she thought I had made the paper for "Boy" myself and when I told her it was bark off a tree she was a little blown away. Of course I'm not sure if in other parts of the world you have trees like the Australian Native Paper Bark Tree that so nicely provide flat sheets of soft bark for you to work with but you may be able to make your own paper with lots of leaves and things in it to get a similar effect.

I used the zippered section to add my journalling. I like using handwritten journalling sometimes as it will be nice for the kids to look back on after I'm long gone. I still love using my nana's original receipes so I can read her handwritting and remember. Oh and my mother's handwriting was so beatiful it was practically perfect!


Deb D said…
I totally agree with you on the handwriting (even though I don't like to do it on my own LOs) I really believe the future generations will want to see it.
Very creative using the paper must be on the look out all the time lol.