Covering up your mistakes.

What to do when you make a major mistake?
Well I suggest putting the layout down and walking away from it for a while. At least that's what I did when I doing this layout of my son at preschool last year during pirate school (his teacher used pirates as the topic for all their lessons for one term as the kids were interested and loved the opportunity to dress up). In this photo the kids were 'sharing the treasure they'd found'. It was a great activity where they learnt some map reading skills and solved some riddles. So when I was doing the layout I decided to use a stencil and write the word treasure directly on the page........ Only problems was I spelt it wrong!

So after kicking myself, I walked away from this layout for a couple of days. During that time i tried NOT to think about it.... Then suddenly like a bolt from the blue the solution hit me.
So I cut out a piece of white paper (slightly thicker than usual) I then rolled the two edges like a map is rolled. Then I stained the paper with a teabag. After that dried I wrote my words on it in black and then I started burning the edges! I love this affect! I think it goes perfectly with this layout....... I don't think the burnt paper is acid or lignin free so I have put a piece of transparency behind it to protect the archival quality of my layout.

But all in all I think this is a great way to cover up my mistake. I also like that I was able to burn out a gap for the teachers head.... lol


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