Using your childs artwork in your layout!

I received this 2 Page layout from Anne of Virginia. Many posts ago I was talking about ways you can create your own custom papers and ways you can involve your children. Anne had done exactly that, before reading my post so sent me a photo of her cool layout. This is a double page spread and you can see how the artwork created by her son has become part of the layout! She has used a helium foil balloon as her background paper too! WAY TO USE FOUND OBJECTS!

I love the idea of using original artworks. In years to come your kids can see actual examples of their work proudly displayed and preserved for all time.

When my son graduated from Pre- School last year I created a scrapbook about his year in preschool and had his artwork displayed in plastic sleeves. The whole project was really cheap. I used an old folder (A4 three ring binder) I had left over from our Driving School Business as well as the loose leaf A4 plastic sleeves (also from this time) so all I purchased was one packet of A4 cardstock, 1 kit of school papers and 1 packet of school embellishments... all up I spent around $10 to complete the entire album.
Here is page one; And the cover
his first day at