Saving Money on Magazines

O.K. I admit it I do buy Magazines. Who can resist right? I mean where else do you get a virtual library of techniques and styles on so many topics? It's also a fantastic place to discover where the next fad is coming from. BUT.... they can be expensive right? I mean if you have a $10 weekly budget to spend on scrapbooking you can only buy one magazine for that price....

So how does the Scrapmiser get around this dilema? Well my first tip for saving money on your Magazine purchases is not to purchase them at all. If you're on a very strict budget this can be a crucial way to save money. So I borrow alot of magazines from my local library and go through them, return them and get some more.

Next if I am purchasing a magazine I will only buy them when they're at a reduced price (some scrapbooking stores will do this to get rid of old stock) or if they're bundled together like a two for one offer..... OR if they come with a freebie I consider of equal value.

For instance I purchase ScrapBook Inspirations (an English Magazine) nearly every month. There are a few reasons why I like this magazine. Firstly every time I purchase it I get a free gift. Sometimes this is free papers, sometimes fonts, a stencil even a mini album. So I think this is good value. Also I like the layout of the magazine as they tend to do alot more "How To" pages than I have seen in other magazines. I especially like that in the magazine I get my free stencil in (for instance) I also get three, sometimes four examples of how to use that freebie. If you don't see this magazine in your local shop you can check them out at: The other thing I like about this magazine is the different styles of the english scrappers. It's amazing how different we can all be..

Subscriptions can be a great way to save! But only if you buy that particular magazine every issue. If you check them out online most of the magazines offer a reduction in the per issue cost if you do a yearly subscription. Also many of them now offer you lots of freebies and goodies for subscribing. Most of the time though I would suggest you get a family or friend to buy you this as a present rather than spend your limited scrapbooking budget in this way. If you are looking at subscribing I suggest having a chat to your girlfriends and fellow scrappers. If you best friend is thinking of subscribing to the same magazine it would be more economical for you to subscribe to another magazine and you can read each others subscriptions together. Great excuse for a coffee!

Well I hope you've found something useful here....