2 Peas Thursday Blogger Challenge 1.18.07

Today, although late I am posting my challenge to the latest 2 Peas Thursday Challenge which is to list your favourite musical artists from 1 thru 10. Hmm now this one is tricky and probably tells you more about me than I ever wanted you to know but here goes:

1. Billy Joel (He's just the greatest story teller and I can sing along to his stuff)
2. Pink (This girl has attitude and spunk and I love her message)
3. The Veronicas (Two Aussie Girls whose songs get stuck in your head)
4. The Dixie Chicks (I love their melodies, lyrics and most of all their harmony)
5. The Beach Boys (Actually hubbie is a big fan, I just hear them so much that I now love them too)
6. Harry Connick Jr (Got hooked on him cause I love his style of singing)
7. The Beatles (Classics, I grew up with these guys as my mum was a fan)
8. Wayne Newton (I have now inherited his "Summer Wind" album which my mum and I used to sing and dance to this all the time. I attended a concert he had here last year in tribute to my mum and I know she was there with me... apart from long suffering hubby who actually came with me in the flesh, as it were)
9. Frank Sinatra (Aah Blue Eyes.... well this is another one my mum turned me on to)
10. Chris Isaak (Love his songs, love his cheeky attitude!)

So there is it. Deduce what you will about my personality from that list.... And yes I already know I'm a dag!