Craft TV Weekly - Waterfall Fold

I was having a look at Craft TV Weekly and saw in the archives this excellent episode that I had missed. I love this idea because all it takes is cardstock to create this really unusual idea. It's all in the folds! There really isn't any way to adequately describe this project... you'll really need to see it for yourself.... Basically the Waterfall Fold is a cardstock project that folds all the elements into a neat flip fold. Then as you pull the bottom strip it folds down to reveal each page in turn.... if that makes sense?

Just follow the link and check it out for yourself:

I liked it so much I actually downloaded the design guide... though I don't know when I'll get around to doing it.. but that's o.k. it'll happen eventually.

If you haven't seen the Scrapbook Lounge before I can highly recommend it. These webisodes are very instructional in nature and they are filmed to show off the techniques perfectly. I'm also a fan of the 'design guide" which explains how to do it yourself AND the list of supplies used and links to where you can buy them... BUT if you want to keep your miserly ways I suggest you wait a full week before allowing yourself to buy! LOL


Anonymous said…
LOVE this idea...hmm... but now when to use it???