My Girl

Hey everyone, here's my latest layout of my daughter. I went with a pink and navy layout even though the colour photo showing the colours of this outfit was so small. I had these fabulous american crafts elements ribbons to use and as I've wanted to use them very badly for sometime now... this was the perfect opportunity. (They were a gift from my last place of work when I was leaving). This layout is a pretty expensive one for me as the embellishment "Girl" cost $2 so all up the layout cost around $4.50. The flowers and butterfly I made out of vellum as an afterthought as I felt this corner needed something. Of course as you can see I've used my autum leaves stamp again!
I do wonder though what you think of the "my"? I had these metal letters left over from another layout but as they were more of a brass colour and the 'girl' is so silver I didn't think they'd go together well so I painted the letters blue and then added the white dots to match one of the ribbons.... What do you think? Please leave a comment to vote as I can change them to a simple stamp on the vellum tags if that's the consensus?


Anonymous said…
I think this lay out is perfect the 'my' is great!! in fact i thought when i first saw it what a great idea, i love the way it hangs on the string, and the colours all go really well.... Excellent xxx