New range from Love Elsie

I LOVE the new range from "Love Elsie". I think she's outdone herself this time. My favourite is the embossed papers. I love texture in my work. I also love that embossed paper is back in vogue as it means I can emboss my own papers and for a truly original take on it I can chalk the raised section. I think I'll do a video on this technique as it's got me so excited. Of course the only down side is you're limited by what stencils you have but I have a few so I'm sure I can make some interesting designs. Also the kids rooms are a great source of supplies. I not only raid their play doh tool supplies for my paper clay embellishments but I also raid their stencils and craft supplies. That's where I found a bag of feathers for the latest layout I'm doing. (Picture coming soon... I just have to finish it!)..

Anyway here's a picture of those fantastic papers I was talking aboutthe as well as some chipboard from the same range.... I see lots of baking with the kids layouts and eating chocolate layouts: