Love - Ten Years

This is the "part 2" layout to match the "Family" layout. I did this layout (LOVE) to match the
Family layout as this photo was taken in the same photo shoot and should sit in the album opposit that other page. This is a pretty cheap layout as it cost around $4.50. I used only one new sheet of paper and all the other papers are left overs from the previous "Family" layout. I only added two flowers, a brad and some stickers. The chipboard title was free as the sheet of chipboard came in the mail to protect some photos I had developed.

I loved that this photo shoot also focused on my DH and I so we had a record of what we looked like at our 10th year of marriage. Because this photo shoot worked so well we're having another one in a week or two. I love to get one professional photo every year so we have a lovely family portrait to put on the wall plus I get some gorgeous photos' to scrap.
But I also love those candid action shots and recently took these at our town show. The photo of my daughter on the pony is a huge step forward, She is so scared of animals and usually won't go near the pony ride so this was a big step for her.