12 cent layout

I was thrilled to receive this double page layout from a regular reader. She's taken "Miser" to new heights here with these pages. As she has just moved across the world she is without her scrapbooking supplies which are all in a container on their way here.

(I know alot of you just supressed a shudder then... don't worry me too! Imagine NO SUPPLIES for six weeks or more!)

So this enterprising reader has turned her hand to creating these pages from mostly "found items". At a total cost of 12cents.

QUOTE: "Here is what you get for 12c. I got frustrated as I hadn't been able to scrapbook for so long, so I gathered together things that I had around the house. The little house was on the front of the card that my mum sent (which is the note on the page), the pink background and star background was the celophane around the flowers that my nana gave me as a house warming pressie. The patterned paper and the lettering came with a magazine I bought. The only thing that I had to buy was some plain paper. I bought a pack of 25 from Spotlight for 2.99 which works out at a little less than 12c."

I think this looks GREAT! AND I'm so jealous! Do I need to hand over my tittle as Scrapmiser now?

If anyone else wants to submit a layout to me for posting please email it to: cheapscrapbookingideas@yahoo.com and include whether or not you'd like your name published with it and how much it cost you to create.