HELP Tittle suggestion needed!

I took this photo on Saturday as my kids were waiting for DS's friend to arrive for a sleepover. They were siting in the doorway keeping a lookout and my daughter got a pillow put it in my sons lap and put her head down. My son then sat there stroking her hair while they waited. It was such a lovely moment I of course had to snap and photo but now am having difficulty coming up with a title to go with it...... any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.


Anonymous said…
Very cute photo but I have no ideas? .... Looking after Sleepy Head??
The Scrap Miser said…
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm completely stumped too!
Deb D said…
"If we have to wait...let's wait together"

"Who needs a pet when you have a sister?"


"A precious moment in time"

"Big Brother is more than a's an attitude"

What a gorgeous pic.
Deb D said…
or maybe "it is a big responsibility being a brother"


"brother is a 'doing' word you know"

I'll stop now LOL
The Scrap Miser said…
DEB, I love all of these suggestions! you're a legend! Now the only problem I have is choosing one. I like "Brother is a 'doing' word you know" and "Big Brother is more than a's an attitude"

Any votes from other readers between these two fabulous titles would be appreciated!
Anonymous said…
an angel to watch over you ...
sweet slumber....
sweet dreams little sister(or whatever he calls her )

let me what you pick.


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