Jordan's Hi 5 Party

As you can see I don't scrap in order of event. That's because I get excited by the latest batch of photos that arrive and can't wait to scrap those. Well because I've been a bit busy lately I haven't had a chance to send any photos off for developing and consequently had to go back over projects that have been waiting a while. These photos are of DS's 5th Birthday. (I know I'm slack! Afterall I've only recently shown you photos of last Novembers' 6th Birthday!). As usual we had a ball organising this party. It was a Hi 5 Party. So there were Hi5 napkins, cups plates etc etc.... Then we got a Hi5 DVD of then teaching you how to do the dances to their songs. We moved all the furniture off the outdoor entertaining area so this resembled a stage (old packing crates with fence pailings nailed onto them.... another miserly invention) then we put the TV and DVD player on a Table outside and played the DVD so the kids could dance along.

To do these layouts I used the papers I decorated AGES ago for this purpose. These are multi photo layouts and there are four pages in total. The first page I saved one of the colouring in pages from the kids activities and using my watercolour pencils I coloured it in. This picture was the most apt as we also had a treasure hunt at the party. The kids had to follow the clues from place to place until they found the treasure (a big box of chocolate money in the boot of our car!).

If you want to challenge yourself creatively this kind of multi photo /multi page layout is a great way to do it. Using the exact same elements in different ways on several pages can be quite a challenge. These layouts worked out very cheap! The background papers were purchased in a bulk packet and worked out to cost $0.37c each. There was one piece of green patterned paper from another bulk pack costing $0.50c(there's still around 40% of that sheet left). I used this green patterned paper for the stamped letters on each page, for the journal circles and the swirls on each page. Then add the cost of the small dollop of paint used to decorate the backgrounds as well as my glue, free chipboard and the ink and glitter to decorate them and the small snips of ribbon. Including an offcut of blue patterned paper which I used for the title page the total cost of all four pages was between $2.50 and $3.00. (It's hard to put a price on ink and paint used).
When I made the patterned papers I didn't think I'd have a title page and thought the red paper would be used as another patterned paper on each page but in the end I needed it for photos. I chose the dance page for the red page as this was the main activity of the party.


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