Sunday Picnic at the beach.

It's Sunday night and the end of another great weekend with the family. I am lucky enough to live in a seaside suburb of Brisbane. And we take advantage of that fact whenever possible. Of course with all the rain of late there hasn't been much chance to enjoy the beach. For instance yesterday we had a picnic in our carport because it was raining and therefore not pleasant enough to go out somewhere. But today it was really lovely between overcast periods. So we went down the beach for a picnic. I also took the kids roller blades and they skated around a basket ball court that has been made on the foreshore. the kids had a ball but because they hadn't done alot of outdoor stuff lately I decided to go for a bike ride. As we only live two blocks from the sea I prefer to ride along the bike paths at the beach whenever we ride as the view is so nice. So off we set! (My bike had flat tyres so DH stayed home and I took his bike). DS rode his bi sleef!ke and DD sat on the seat on the back of my (DH's) bike. The only down side to riding your bike is no matter which way you go you always have to ride up an incline to get home. So when the thighs are BURNING you have to keep pushing! lol

The worst part is I didn't take my camera! Then when I got home after doing the washing I decided to rearrange my bedroom..... I don't know why but I have always had this .... well lets call it an illness or obsession.... Once I get the idea I have to do it.. So I had an idea that I would have more space in my bedroom if I moved it around so we had to do it! DH (thank goodness) now just goes along with my strange whims. It's all finished and looks great but I am VERY tired! And my back is aching! So I am off to bed!

For tomorrow I start decorating my scrapbook stuff! My draws and magazine rack and hopefully a 12 x 12 paper storer so I need to get my rest for tomorrow we CREATE!


Deb D said…
You are making some great family good to read about.

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