Off the Page Project - My Living Room

O.K. so I know this sounds crazy but it actually worked out rather well. There are two main scrapbooked pieces the first is this collection of four canvases. I needed some artwork to set off my new cushions. So as I couldn't find anything to do the job I decided to create them myself.

By the end of my little adventure I had a whole new room for $89.00. I do take my miserly ways to all other areas of my life not just my scrapbooking. The thing I love most about this room is I created it all myself. It's definitely MY living room!

These four canvases cost $2.95 each. The paper to cover each of them was $1.50 each and then the tube of paint I used to recolour them this bronze colour cost $3.99. All up it cost me $22.00 to create these. And all the left overs were used to create a fifth canvas that sits on an easel on top of my TV unit. These are my new cushions. Pretty cool huh? And only $7.95 each! $32.00 for four new cushions! Gotta look out for those bargains!

These are the other things I created to decorate the room. The canvas on the left was created using left overs from the first set of canvases as well as other finds from my scrapbooking stash. There's even a piece of wrapping paper off the chocolates the kids gave me for my birthday! Reuse, The canvas was one I bought when my son was a baby (6 years ago now) for my husband to paint a picture for his room...... well that didn't happen so now I've put it to good use.
The other two picutres were ones I had already and I just added a little bit of scrapbooking flair to them. The shadow box was wood so I painted on the copper paint and then wiped it off so that it wasn't too coppery.

To finish off my decore I purchased a few really cheap items like a votive candle holder, a plastic ornament, a tall silver candle, a set of coasters and a vase filled with silver sticks a total of around $35. I'm really pleased with the outcome and all done so cheaply too!

I started with simple canvases painted the edges black to tie them all together as the paper I purchased only came in A4 size so wasn't big enough to wrap right around the canvas which would of been my preference. I then painted the papers (in the case of three of them). The final paper was perfect as it was because it was an exact reverse of one of my cushons (Silver with Black flowers and the paper was black with silver flowers). Then I stuck the paper to the canvas and hey presto


Anonymous said…
Your colour blending looks terrific. When you say you painted the papers...does that mean you painted individual flowers or painted straight over the top of the painted paper? Love that you've reversed your silver and black...very clever. Your canvas on a stand looks really interesting too. Thanks for sharing.
The Scrap Miser said…
Hi Deb,
I did a little of both actually. I sponge rolled on the bronze and silver canvases. Then on the copper one I rolled a little paint on then wiped it off to give a slight colour change to the paper as this one was a brown colour... the others were just white. Then I went back with a paint brush and painted some of the flowers bronze to make them stand out.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info. You've done a great job...must've taken awhile. Handcrafting is so theraputic though - love it!

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