My latest scrap space

As I mentioned I have redone my scrapspace. Here's a photo of what it looks like now. I placed a giant styrofoam block behind the desk to hold the draws, ribbons, stamps and ink pads as I use these things alot and I like having them within easy reach. Plus the ribbons are decorative when displayed this way. I also like that I was able to find another use for all that styrofoam rather than throwing it away. I think this temporary shelving unit is the best buy I've ever made. It cost me around $20 when I purchased it 6 years ago... so I'm not sure if it was $19.99 or $29.99... Anyway I've used it next to the change table to hold all the stuff for nappy changes and then in the laundry to keep all the washing powders and liquids and stuff away from the kids and now it's doing a great job in my scrap space. As we don't own this house we're not able to install permanent shelves and things so this works great.