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Last night I had the house to myself for a couple of hours so I was able to do some scrapbooking! YEAH! The kids go back to school tomorrow so I should be back into the swing of it soon! Anyway this layout was alot of fun to do.
I got the cardstock on special for $0.50c and the letters were a set that I got at the $2 Shop... mind you the box was $3.95..... so not $2 at all..... Anyway I really wanted a glittery paper for this layout and as I didn't have one and couldn't go to a scrapbook shop at 7pm I got the Kindy Glitz out and created my own! This is very easy to do. In a couple of the above photos you can see the effect I created as the paper is only half done with kindy glitz when I took the photo. Try this for your own effects. You can't get this wrong. Just turn your kindy glitz bottle upside down and let all of the liquid run to the top. Then get a pin and pierce the top. On a scratch piece of paper try out the product to ensure you've got an even flow then away you go..... though it you end up with some big blobs don't worry.... just spread these around with your finger. Allow it to dry and then touch up any spots that you think need it. Then away you go you've got your own glittery paper.
I've also used some stickers for my dates and border around the photo as well as a couple of corner stickers.
This was alot of fun to do. Hope you enjoy making some glittery paper too!


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