Jordans 6th B'day Party

Here are some more pages I did with a free digit kit from Shabby Princess ( These photos are of my son's 6th Birthday which was held at a park and the highlight of the event was riding Pop's Steam Train.

I now do my scrapbooking in three categories. There's the digi scrap of individual photos for creative sake when I don't have time to get out all my supplies. Then the traditional scrapbooking I do which allows me to use all of my creativity and then I do some dig scrap pages of the highlights of the year so I can print these as a little book of their own. I printed one of these books and gave it to the kids grandfather for Christmas so he had an album of the kids entire year of growth and adventure. These birthday photo layouts are going into the digi album. They're quick and easy to do and allow me to fit alot of photos in as I can easily resize and crop the photos.

Well I'd better go hang my washing out as we've finally got a bit of sunshine instead of all the rainy days of late.... so no dryer today!