Free Digital Scrapbook Kits

Well if you're travelling on this digiscrap journey with me you'll be as excited as I was to find this site: . I was really impressed with the size of the free kit. It has lots of useful papers and embellishments.

So on Friday Night I did some scrapbooking at my girlfirend's house. It was GREAT! I got lots done. My favourite is this one. (The title is: Other things may CHANGE us but we start and end with FAMILY.)

The only problem I have now is that at my heart I'm a "hands on" scrapper so when I used this background paper I fell in love with it and now want a piece of it for real!

I have gone back to using the Scrapbook Max program as I felt it allowed me alot more creative freedom with my backgrounds. But don't take my word on that, try them both for yourself and see what you think.


Anonymous said…
Wow, you are cranking out those digital pages, however, I think I'm a REAL hands on Gal and couldn't give up the real paper and pictures and the pleasure that comes from seeing a completed page that you have stuck together yourself.
The Scrap Miser said…
I can't give up the "hard" stuff either. Which is why I desperately want these papers for real.... sigh.... it's great for getting through alot of the photo's I wouldn't print though AND it allows me to scrapbook while I'm waiting for the kids to finish Karate and swimming lessons!
The Scrap Miser said…
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