Feathers on a Layout

This is my latest layout. The first photo is the best one to show you the colour. It's actually a double page spead in the same colours but the camera went a little odd.... Now a little odd is being nice it's actually stopped working! I'm having withdrawl symptoms all ready and it's only been two days. Intellectually I know I have a heap of back photo's to scrap but I'm still hyperventillating. I'm really amazed though.... they don't build things like they used to... it's only 11months old??? So if you'd all like to pray for the health of my camera I'd be really appreciative.... lol

This layout was really fun to do. I covered the page in feather to mirror the furryness of her jacket and I went with purple because it's her favourite colour. I made the tag's out of vellum and used the cool embossing plate I got free with a magazine to emboss the words on it. It's not the cheapest layout I've done but definitely the most fun! The bag of feather was $2. I used a third of the packet. I used two pieces of cardstock $0.25 each and one sheet of patterned paper $0.25. I sheet of vellum (only used half but will count the whole sheet) $0.50 then the big buck were on the scraplets chipboard swirls and the word DIVA $6 total..... so that's around $7.66 for both pages so definitely not a very miserly page. BUT if you're looking for something a little out of the box, go into the kids craft box and see if you can work with something from there. Challenge yourself a little pull out a craft supply.... hmmm paddle pop stick or pom pom or such and make yourself use it in your next layout!


Anonymous said…
This is Fabulous, however I just read an article in Scrapbook creations all about pages in pure white and this is one that I think would have definately suited that situation. exactly as you have done it here with all the feather texture but in just white :-)