Old Calendar's come in handy.

In my never ending search for ways to recycle everyday things into scrapbooking supplies I found an old Calendar with some gorgeous photos.... That got me thinking. It's an old Anne Geddies Calendar (I love her work) with stunning photo's of babies, as hers always are. Well I didn't want to throw it away..... so what to do with it?

Well I've taken the pictures out and am using them as backgrounds. I did think though that the pictures would probably overpower any photo I stuck in the foreground so I'm planning on placing vellum over the pictures then placing my photo's on top and them. I've also cut the little pictures off the back page (thumbnail sized ones) and I'll place that on the top as an embellishment after I Diamond Glaze it.

But then flipping through the calendar I thought how cool it would be to take a page of the calendar and use it as the journalling for a layout. Utilize the Year, Date and Day with the message on the calendar (i.e. Jordan's 2nd Birthday) and use this as a background or as a journal box for me to write in the little boxes. Anyway just a thought at this stage I'm off to try and put it into practice.


Anonymous said…
I do this! I keep my calendars and if they say Mum's 60th Birthday Party I keep that as the background for a page where i print all small photo's that I took at the party to fit in the other squares.... I use transparency though cause I doubt the calandar is acid and lignin free!

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