Junk Mail.. Love it... Hate it!

Junk Mail.... you either love it or hate it! I personally Love it! I go through it all and check out the sales, then the latest colour schemes and trends I'm seeing and then I check out the composition of the ads. For instance I saw a great ad today for ladies clothes and they had put four photos of clothes across the page and then the fifth block was for writing. Each of the photos had a white chain of leaves and flowers running right across the top and then the fifth block continued the same leaves and flowers across and then around the top right hand corner to run slightly down the right hand side but this time it was black. It looked so effective. I can't wait till I start digital scrapbooking now!

Yes I'm still waiting to start. Gotta get a laptop for me.... Oh well... they say good things come to those who wait. And I have so much regular scrapbooking to do first so I guess it's a good thing....

Besides what would I do with all the things that come into my life and are recycled as scrapbooking supplies if I went totally digital? For instance today's junk mail bought a fake cr card and a fake $5 bill. ...... mmmm I'm sure I've got some photo's of my girlfriends and I away on a mummy's night off up the coast ... shopping till we dropped... PERFECT!

The cr card is great cause you can either use it as a cr card on a layout or you can paint it and decorate it and turn it into a regular tag with a few embellishments. Plus it's in my favourite category.... that's right..... FREE!!

You could do the same thing with all those business cards you get handed at networking do's. Sometimes I cut out the pictures off them to use on my layouts or I decorate the back and use it as a regular tag. But it's all FREE!!!!!


Anonymous said…
my friends and I all designed a 6.6 layout as a Business Card of ourselves for the first page of our "About Me" Albums. They look great. Mine lists my occupations: Wife, Mother, Dishwasher, Cook, Driver, Cleaner, chief financial officer, judge, jury, teacher, lover, entertainment officer, scheduler etc etc..... Would of been great to do those as tags on the back of other people's business cards.