Alphabet Stickers, Rub-Ons, Templates

I find Titles can be the most expensive part of a layout. When I first started scrapbooking I bought alphabet stickers (yes I began with a Creative Memories Consultant), then I tried one set of rub-ons and frankly had a heart attack at the price.... Now I've moved onto Templates.

I find it much cheaper to cut my titles out of patterned paper than to use stickers or rub-ons.

Though if you're looking for a way to make your alphabet stickers go further save the backgrounds once all the stickers have been removed and either carefully cut around each letter or cut out a square around the letter. This is great cause it allows you to use each sticker sheet twice.

I use my fiskars alphabet template all the time! It allows me to quickly and easily cut out the letters I need for my tittles. I also utilise chipboard letters. I have purchased a set of chipboard letters ($2 at the discount shop) which I use as my template for cutting out more letters on the back of old notebooks etc. I can then either paint these or cover them in paper.

I don't however recomend stencilling straight onto your layout... As per my previous layout where I stencilled straight onto the page and made a BIG mistake. In this case though my attempt to cover my mistake actually added to the page and I think looks better than the original concept... but you never know what might happen if you make a similar mistake and can't find a way to cover it up.

But to save money on titles I definitely recommend taking the time to cut them out of paper. Go through your scrap paper stash! This is a great way to use up your left over pieces of paper from previous projects.


Anonymous said…
I have found that a cheap way of creating a title is to just use your computer and print it onto paper from a font that you like. You can just cut it out and use it or cut around it as a shape to make a title or you can print it onto tracing paper and then trace it onto your layout and use coloured pens to make it pretty (I did this with a halloween layout).