Friday night scrapbooking!

OMG the week just flys by! It's Friday again.... I'm about to start my Friday evening and my DH is taking my kids out for a while so I can do some serious scrapbooking. I'm trying out for a design team so having just received my first challenge I've got some creating to do.

The theme is all about me...... mmmm what to say... Sometimes this is hard, sometime easy. I've got a few ideas for what I'll talk about... Lets' face it I'm never really short for words.. It's a gift of mine! lol My mum used to say that I could talk under 6 feet of wet cement! So if I'm honest it's not really about finding something to say as it is about deciding what not to say... that probably doesn't make much sense....... I guess what I'm trying to say is there are things about me... things, experiences that make me who I am.... but they're a little too raw at this point to adequately put into words or to add to a scrapbook page that could get published....

I don't usually like editing myself like this. But then usually my pages are for my children and eventually their children. The whole point for me is to leave something of myself for my children to remember. So they can remember how I felt about things. The sorts of things I would say and do and hopefully it will make it easier for my great great grandchildren to learn about me. Cause I sometimes find it hard to accurately describe the love and warmth I felt from my mother and grandmother or the love my mother felt for my children. I WISH THEY"D BEEN SCRAPBOOKERS!

How do other scrapbookers handle the publishing issue? Are you brutally honest to a flaw or do you edit yourself?