Embroodling is hot right now!

I thought I should add an addendum to my post about embroidery....I didn't mention Embroodling.

Embroodling is one of the latest crazes. It's a combination of doodling and embroidery and I love it because it is relatively cheap (all you need is a pen a sewing needle and some thread) and it gives a lovely hand finished look to your layouts.

If you want to save even more money on your layouts you could pick up those little free sewing kits from the hotel rooms.... or get a travelling friend to do it for you. That way you don't even pay for the thread!

This is also very handy if you're trying to save money on adhesives by sewing elements to a page at least now the sewing is free also.

How bout cutting out paper or cardstock that won't be seen. So if you're creating a photo mat for instance? Cut the centre out of that photo mat so you can reuse that cardstock either on this layout or another.

Of course the only way to truly get value out of your scraps is to have them grouped by colour or theme and easy to access.

Looking for unique ways to adhere things to your layout (like sewing) without using glue is also a great way to save. Slicing photo corners into your background or photo mat is a great solution. As is the use of staples. You can also tie things on without using any glue....... What's your ingenious way of making things stick without the use of glue?


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