Favourite Techniques

Well I've finished my cards for the design team application and one of the questions was a bit of a challenge for me ... You had to make a card using your favourite techniques.... This was a little difficult for me to pin down at first because I wasn't sure what my favourite techniques were... I guess Stamping is a favourite as I use it all the time.... but after that it got a little more challenging..... I usually have a concept or idea that I'm working with and will use whatever techniques I feel will compliment that layout best. This time I went with Stamping, Doodling, tearing, inking and shabby... So now we just have to wait and see. (keep your fingers crossed for me!)

I did start to think though if my albums do share any common elements. So I sat down and looked at them with fresh eyes. I couldn't really see any common techniques that I use alot except for stamping. And the only reason I use stamping more than anything else is because it's a really economical way to do a tittle. Do other scrapbookers have favourite techniques?.... and why?

For your own design growth I highly recommend looking at your work history. Just open them up (chronologically -in order of first finished to last done) and look at the techniques you've used. Which ones work... Which ones don't.... Which ones make your photo's POP! What layouts do you love and which ones aren't you happy with and WHY? If you can train yourself to be able to identify what is wrong with the layouts you don't like you'll be able to produce more layouts you love first time around.

Try to avoid making a list of things you'll go back to redo... lol. This exercise is just to help you identify good and bad design elements. I'm sure you'll notice how your style has changed. This is one reason alot of people say you shouldn't go back and retouch any old layouts. So you can see how your style and design eye have altered.

I'm from the camp do whatever you like. I personally will go back and retouch my layouts (whenever I get time) to make each page as good as I possibly can... That way my decendants will get beautiful keepsakes from me.......

In fact I did this with the cards I finished today. I looked at them for a while and suddenly added something to one of them that just makes it POP! So I'm definitely o.k. with retouching your work.


Anonymous said…
I love tearing and scrunching.... I love the look of crumpled paper and inked edges... Rough it up! I love it because it's non conformist. You never know what's going to haped when you start crumpling. Not boring straight lines and grid patterns!
Anonymous said…
OK, I'm gridding. I like using lots and lots of photos to tell a story. They tend to look very grid like though, although I don't like bordering all the pictures. I often find that the pages look better when just one or two pictures have a frame or something happening.
Anonymous said…
Me too... Love the clean lines of a grid pattern and the photos being centre stage!

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