Embroidery on a layout tutorial.

Of the past few days I've been talking about embroidery on a layout and emdoodling. If you're interested in trying a bit of embroidery on your layouts but don't really know where to start..... I suggest you go to: http://www.crafttvweekly.com/player.html?wid=82 and watch the webisode "I'm in Stitches by Tricia Morris". This is a great tutorial showing several different ways you can achieve either a hand stitched effect to your pages or the illusion of one.

The thing I love about all the webisodes you find on this site (craft TV weekly) is the tutorial nature of the shows. You can easily go away from watching one of these webisodes and reproduce the techniques you learn. I also love the innovative ideas they come up with. Their ideas and designs are not only very practical for scrapbookers but also unusual and definitely original. But my most favourite thing about these webisodes is....... (yep you guessed it......)They're FREE!


Anonymous said…
I checked this out and loved it! Thanks for the tip....

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