My Article Featured on Helium

In an effort to share my passion with people, apart from this blog and the forum and my google group and posting on other forum boards, I also post articles on Helium. I'm very excited because today my article is featured.

This is the email I received:
Congratulations Kyra!

Thank you for your concerted effort to build and expand the Helium treasury of knowledge with your quality work. Your article about tips for becoming a scrapmiser shows insight, rich analysis, and reflects the highest standards for writing quality at Helium. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with Helium!

Take a look at today’s homepage, where your article is in the limelight! ( Tell friends and family too. Usually feature articles appear for one 24-hour period.

So if you'd like to see my article you'd better be quick..... go to :


Anonymous said…
Congratulations Scrap Miser!!! You go girl.