Check out the hardware store

Earlier today I was on one of the message boards bemoaning the price of heat guns (I check my LSS today and they wanted $61.90?) when someone replied that I should buy one from the hardware store, just don't expect it to be pink..... Now this is a great idea! I can't believe I didnt' think of it before. I'm going tomorrow! But now that I know they come in pink... well I'd kinda like a pink one. lol.

But I definitely agree the hardware store can provide some interesting finds. Especially if you're thinking outside the box.

Samples of laminate, wallpaper, vinyl and paint swatches are all useful for your scrapbooking. As are offcuts of flyscreen, copper and thin pieces of tin.

During a recent trip to the hardware store I saw a small eyelet setter that was only $2 with a heap of eyelets included. (It was a scisor action tool). And lets not forget all the little rubber rings and metal hinges, keyholes, and handles.

I use the paint chip samples all the time. In fact I used them to decorate the jigsaw pieces of my last posted layout: I love you to pieces.

So go for a wander round your local hardware store and let me know what else you can find. I'm going tomorrow to get a heat gun! Yeah