Colour Combinations Lure Me!

Today I was at the 'discount chain store' near me searching through the scrapbook supplies on offer and I discovered something interesting about myself.

I go through colour phases. There are combinations of colours that will grab me at different times. For instance I recently went through a "Pink and Orange" Phase (this was a particularly long colour phase for me). And although it hasn't passed completely, it was pushed aside for a short "Blue and Purple" Phase... but today it was all about ocean colours. Ocean Blue and Ocean Green. Deep rich Saphire Shades....

I went in to buy supplies for a particular project which is very purple (recipients' favourite colour) and before I new it I had my arms full of cardstock and fibres in Saphire Blues and Greens. I actually had to put them all back and get a grip on myself. I think I'm a bit of a 'Bower Bird" when it comes to bright shiny things. (lol)

The thing I hate though is when you're trying to find a particular colour scheme that has gone out of 'scrap fashion' and you cannot find any pattern papers representative of that colour scheme or style when only months before it was everywhere..... That's why I can't wait for my new computer so I can get into digital scrapping and I can easily store all the papers I see that I like, rather than waiting for an appropriate layout which is what I do with my traditional scrapping....

But whilst at the discount store I did check out the price of heat guns in the hardware section as advised to me on one of the message boards and they are definitely cheaper... Try $25 verses $61.... Do they just automatically triple the price of something if they're putting it in the scrapbooking section or what? So guess where I'm getting my heat gun from... (I'm just worried if the hardware section ones run hotter or something (like they're used to strip paint off stuff, so surely they're hotter..... my page isn't going to burst into flames on me is it? YIKES... hope not)


Anonymous said…
Oh well, if it does burst into flames, it will give you a tool for creating that cool burnt edge of your paper as per your treasure page :-)
The Scrap Miser said…
thanks that's a great idea.... why didn't I think of that? all my pages will have an aged look... lol

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